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Landscaping Vero Beach Fl
Landscaping Vero Beach Fl
Landscaping Vero Beach Fl

Commercial Landscaping

DragonFly Landscapes INC. manages the exterior areas of your Florida commercial properties. We offer a full-service program that will keep your business looking beautiful year-round. You already have enough to worry about running your business so let DragonFly Landscapes INC. eliminate one of your concerns.  We maintain your property to your complete satisfaction, giving your business a professional look that you and your customers will admire.

Community Housing Landscaping

If you own or operate a community-centric housing project such as a condo HOA or an apartment complex, DragonFly Landscapes INC. is the perfect choice for all of your landscaping needs!  We offer custom-tailored solutions specific to your property and needs.  We can help with regular maintenance, upgrades, and even new construction projects!  Get in touch today to learn how we can help you!

Here are some of the basic services we provide our landscaping clients:

Fertilization is a way of feeding your lawn the nutrients it needs to be healthy and look its best. Typically it is recommended to fertilize (at the very least) once or twice per year (spring and fall being crucial).

So to start, our team will test your soil’s PH level, and pick out a fertilizer with a proper blend that balances out the acidity/alkalinity for your property.  We'll make a recommendation for the specific type of fertilizer to use on your property.

Our team has all of the proper equipment, training, and most importantly licensure to properly fertilize your property. We work clean and ensure there are no negative effects on the local environment.

Mulching is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure your property always looks its best! Typically completed in just one visit, mulching is also a very fast way to improve the aesthetics of your space.

DragonFLy Landscapes INC. services a wide variety of commercial projects including: Business Centers, Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Churches, and Special Events - just to name a few!

Our team of local experts can help you determine the best type of mulch for your needs and budget.

If your property needs to be spruced up - especially after a major storm, we can help!  We can help remove everything from fallen limbs to dead bushes and trees.  Contact us today to learn more!

Landscaping Vero Beach Fl

Landscaping Experts

DragonFly Landscapes INC. is the premier landscaping choice for the Indian River and surrounding counties. We handle all aspects of design, maintenance, and emergency services for any commercial or community housing property. Trust the local experts with decades of experience and hundreds of happy clients!

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Other Services We Offer

Tree Services Vero Beach Fl.

Tree Services

We can help install, remove, and trim trees on your property!
Sod Installation Vero Beach Fl

Sod Installation & Repair

We are experts at sod installation and repair with decades of experience.
Vero Beach Commercial Lighting


DragonFly Landscapes INC. is your premier choice for outdoor lighting!