Commercial Irrigation in Florida

What To Consider About Commercial Irrigation

If you’re online searching for “Commercial irrigation in Florida”,  you may need to repair or replace a system fast! We know it is a major frustration and inconvenience when your irrigation system is not working, and it can result in expensive damage to your property.  It is important to work with the right company when it comes to commercial irrigation – so keep these tips in mind!

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Check the BBB Before You Have System Issues

The best time to determine if an irrigation company is a good fit is when you actually don’t need your system repaired or replaced.  This way, there is no immediate need to make a decision to let a company work on your property.  

You can use this time to research out the landscaping companies you are considering working with.  A great place to start is with the Better Business Bureau.  Every year, the BBB receives over 10,000 complaints in relation to landscaping companies.  Even if other online reviews are good, make sure to see if the landscapers you want to work with are accredited, and are complaint-free.

Worked With a Trained Team

Simply put, training matters. When you are going to trust a landscaping company with one of the biggest investments on your property, it’s important to have confidence that they can properly install, maintain, and repair your irrigation system. 

By verifying the landscapers you want to work with are properly trained, you’ll have an extra level of assurance they can get the job done right.  Make sure to find a company that specializes in commercial properties as well – the systems are very different than a residential system.

Experience Matters

Once you have found a business with great reviews and the right certifications and training, now is the time to look at real-world experience.  Looking at the longevity of a business is a great way to tell how healthy it is. It can also indicate how well they work with customers.

This is not to say a new business can’t offer you a great experience.  But, given the choice, most people would prefer to work with a landscaper that has actually worked on systems like theirs in a real setting.  

DragonFly Landscapes INC.

When you are online searching for “commercial irrigation in Florida”, Dragonfly Landscapes INC. is the clear choice!  With an expertly trained team, the proper equipment, and our dedication to service your irrigation system will be installed or repaired in no time!


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